24/7 Emergency Response
(714) 880-9880

Flooding and fire emergencies are not the ones you should wait for the regular working hours to call for help. That is why we provide 24/7 service every day throughout the whole year, including holidays. Buena Park 24 Hour Flood Rescue is available at any time day and night for our customers. You just need to contact us at this number (714) 880-9880 and we will come to your rescue faster than any other restoration company.

Water and fire damage needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Every minute and every hour counts because the longer you leave your belongings exposed to the water or smoke and ash the more time and money it will take us to return them to their previous condition. We are able to quickly respond to your call and come to any location in the surrounding area of Buena Park, California. Our workers are fast and efficient and they will start preparations as soon as they arrive at your location. The quick response is crucial in these types of situations because it will minimize the damage and costs of repairs to your house or workplace.

How water damages your belongings

Water is particularly invasive and spreads really quickly through your house. Before you know it all of your furniture, floors, walls and other belongings will be soaked in water. Call us immediately if you find yourself in this type of situation. We will quickly dispatch our team and they will start water extraction immediately so no further damage is done.

These are the four stages of water damage:

  • In first few minutes’ water is spreading through your property soaking everything in its path. At this stage your belongings are wet, but most of them can still be restored.
  • If you don’t manage to contact us in the first hour of the flooding your drywall will begin to swell and crack, metal surfaces will begin to erode, furniture will be completely destroyed and musty odor will spread through your property.
  • If you wait for more than two days, then you are in real trouble. Mold begins to grow and spread through your house causing devastating health problems.  Floors will twist and swell, as well as doors and windows.  Metal surfaces will start to rust and corrode and serious bio-hazard contamination is likely to happen.
  • The last stage starts if you wait more than one week.  Your whole house will be in terrible shape, mold is likely to be everywhere, structural problems are possible and bio-hazard contaminants are a serious threat to your health.  Don’t think that just because you cannot see black spots that it is not there.  Mold spores and mildew have caused serious breathing problems to children and adults who are unaware.  Additionally, the costs of repairs for property in such condition are very high, so we strongly advise you to contact a professional emergency restoration company like ourselves as soon as the problem occurs.

If your home begins to leak like a water park,
we can be there in 30 minutes.