Crisp sunshine with a few cool breezes and trees to offer shade are the living life contentment ideals we choose to experience here. Our homes match the surrounding outside décor offering sanctuaries from our long working days. Office buildings can be ergonomically designed to offer agreeable backgrounds to be productive.  After awhile, much of that becomes blended and treated as a given portion of how things just are, until it becomes changeable destroyed.

Wood reacts to temperatures, moisture, and force- extreme levels of each triggers issues.

How water destroys wood

  • Decomposes
  • Withdraws
  • Paint or finish fades
  • Flakes
  • Blisters
  • Lacks security to hold
  • Becomes infested
How We Prevent

  • Evaporate humidity
  • Environmentally clean
  • Examine covered areas
  • Mold Reducing Formulas
  • Familiar with appearance
  • Atmospheric climate control

Creaks and soft spots
Climbing up and down stairs, applying pressure to certain areas of floors in each house, they have their own quirks.  Doors may not shut easier across carpet, storage rooms may have uneven floor boards- these can be signs of previous water damage. Once you might experience a flooded condition, call us to feel the difference afterwards.

Tile, Linoleum, Wax on top hides and traps
Bathrooms, Kitchens, sometimes garden level  rooms are surfaced with non-absorbing materials that are normally easier to quickly mop up a spill.  Keep in mind, over time, seals between tile pieces begin to crumble. Cleaners, expiration of materials, or over scratching opens to the next level that could be hardwood floors. Gaps that trap water are incubators for bacteria.

Layers of wood all around us
We cover it, we store with it, travel on it, hide behind it and handle it every day.  It holds our dishes, cleaning supplies, clothes and surrounds us as we sleep. Centuries of construction by master craftsmen or current handymen, we depend on it. Depend on us to get it back to giving us back our security.

We’ll share our advance specialties of cleaning and drying lumber during a water break. 

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