Swimming in a sea of fiber soaked paperwork or dysfunctional water destroyed PC is not going to help you locate your insurance contact forms. Loss of communication devices and documents are nearly an instant during flooded conditions.  Immediate fist responses are to find dry comfortable safety.  Our assigned representative already knows what may be covered, so don’t hesitate to ask us.

Stereotypically, many insurance companies don’t like to pay out, we can help.

Our near experts anticipate the possible stubborn resistance, but our detail plans have worked:

We give them and you:

  • Courtesy form filling
  • Immediate Clean Up
  • Free Review
  • Reduce damage action
  • Safety measures
  • Find Source of Eruption
  • Be your eye witness
  • Specify Scene
Popular Provisions
*Contact your agent for specifics

  • Fire and Water Aftermath
  • Temperature or Weather Influence
  • Weardown of Water holding devices
  • Septic Tank deficiencies
  • Uncontrollable conditions
  • Ground level Reverse flow

What to ask for
At a split second of a moment your brain reacts into survival mode when dealing with a disaster.   Water could be gapping through a wall drenching you and everything surrounding you.  Once you’re out of danger, dry, and safe, feel free to ask us any questions. We’ll even suggest questions to ask your insurance company to be sure you take advantage of your coverage per what is normally agreed.

Why wait so long to get back what you paid in to
Insurance has the stigma of waiting to be paid. The adjustors, appraising, value estimators, the assistants – all have a hand in determining your submitted paperwork results. One department could send another department copies for review, waiting on them to return for approval, then the mail trail begins again. Be sure to let us help you fill out the forms the first time to reduce some of that time. Our experience and willingness to go to the extra mile in the process can prove more beneficial than doing it on your own.

Our dedication and previous handling can help speed up the process. 

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