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24/7 Flood Rescue Buena Park Sewage damage clean up

Washing your hands after going to the bathroom is the basic childhood rule to prevent the spread of germs. Scientific health has traced microorganisms to contributors of weakening the immune system. It would be no different trying to handle large amounts of germs and bacteria, including sewage spills in your home or at your business. Don’t do it.

Our waste removal industry standard grade protective clothing shields us –so call us.

Sewage Damage Contributors

  • Drain back ups inside and outside of buildings and properties
  • Water leaks from toilets, washing machines and industrial equipment
  • Pipe breaks under houses or buildings
  • Dirty water backing up from the toilet or drains
  • Plumbing clean out back ups
  • Toilet overflows

Professional Procedures

  • Advise occupants to immediately leave the area
  • Utilize protective gear to ensure health
  • Inspect the area and eliminate the sewage source and possible hazards
  • Provide sealed off containment area
  • Pump out water and sewage
  • Apply anti-microbial and sanitize the area
  • Provide restoration assistance unique to the situation at hand
  • Conduct bacteria testing

Don’t inhale the odorous air

First time parents know the stench of human dumps even in small packages. We gag, hold our breaths and sometimes clip our nostrils shut, but we still use our mouths to breath in. Imagine the stink multiplied lingering in your home after a septic tank back up. There is no stink be gone sealed trash lid that will contain the odor. Stool waste never belongs in the house.

Saturated cloths breed health dangers
It’s a common automatic reactive habit to reach for any fiber object that would soak up the watery mess. Many believe some good old fashioned bleach will sanitize anything. Or the dependability of using our washing machines to completely clean out the clothes or rags.  Precaution should be applied in severe sewer spillage.  Never put contaminated materials of toxic levels in a washing machine.  It is likely to spread within the machine transferring disease spreading deposits onto other clothes.

Sewage spill under the house

Plumbers refuse to crawl under your house when there is a large puddle from a pipe break.  And it’s the right choice to call in a water damage clean up company who also handles sewage spills.  Proper procedures must be followed to protect the health of repair personnel.  That’s where Buena Park 24 Hour Flood Rescue comes to the rescue.

Don’t trample your spreading shoes
Rain boots, tennis shoes or work boots are not suited for sewage clean up jobs. Fused liquefied poison could eat away at those foot wear protection. Much of our footwear are only mildly absorbing. We take for granted any water resistant rubber like seals, but also consider how it re-drips onto other areas. We clean up after our own messes so you don’t have to.

Don’t self-torture yourself or risk others around you – Call Buena Park 24 Hour Flood Rescue as we abide by correct removal regulations.

If your home begins to leak like a water park,
we can be there in 30 minutes.